4 Cons of a Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostats in Peoria, IL

A smart thermostat reads a building’s patterns and adjusts heating and cooling to ensure optimal comfort and energy use. Nevertheless, the device has its fair share of disadvantages. The following are some cons of a smart thermostat.

1. High Upfront Cost

The cost of buying a smart thermostat is usually higher than that of a manual or programmable thermostat. This high cost can make the thermostat unaffordable to some customers. Even though a smart thermostat can help save energy bills, recovering its initial purchasing cost can take a long time.

2. Security Issues

As with any internet-connected device, a smart thermostat can pose security issues to consumers. The smart device can be a potential gateway for criminals to access your building’s network and your private information. Fortunately, manufacturers are making more secure smart thermostats to prevent malicious activities.

3. Hard to Install

Unlike a typical thermostat, a smart thermostat is not easy to install. Besides dealing with exposed wiring, installing a smart thermostat also requires one to know its compatibility with different heating and cooling units. Certain settings also have to be made to get the device up and running. Hiring professionals to install a digital thermostat for you is highly recommended.

4. Outage Issues

Smart thermostats use technology to operate. If the company that manufactures your type of thermostat experiences an outage, your unit will likely experience a limited or total loss of functionality. Your interior spaces can become uncomfortable if the issue goes on for hours or even days.

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