Why You Should Replace Your 20-Year-Old AC

AC Installation in Peoria, IL

With the summer heat on the way, homeowners in Peoria, IL, know they need their home’s AC ready to go. For those with aging AC systems, this naturally leads to questions about whether it’s time for a replacement. But many homeowners are reluctant to replace their working AC systems, even if they’re more than 20 years old. However, that’s what they should do, and here’s why.

Massive Efficiency Gains

On average, a 20-year-old residential AC system will have a SEER rating of 10. Today, you can’t legally purchase a central AC with a SEER rating below 14. That means replacing your old AC with a new one guarantees you a minimum 28.6% energy efficiency gain. And if you want even more efficiency, you can easily buy a new AC with a SEER rating of 20 or higher.

Increased Reliability

No matter how well you’ve maintained your aging AC, it’s bound to break down soon. That means you could face the prospect of spending a small fortune on repairs just to avoid facing the summer heat without AC. By installing a new AC now, you can prevent that and guarantee that you’ll have reliable AC for many summers to come. You’ll also dramatically reduce the odds of any significant repair costs in the near future.

Improved Comfort

With each passing year, the average summer temperature here in Peoria continues to climb. This means the AC you have now may be straining to keep your home cool on the hottest days of the year. Installing a new unit allows you to reassess your home’s future cooling needs and choose a system that can meet them. Plus, newer AC systems do a better job overall of keeping your home’s temperature cool and comfortable.

Your AC Replacement Experts

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