What Are Energy Efficient Curtains

Energy Efficient House

Energy-efficient curtains are something you can put over your windows to significantly reduce your energy bills. They keep outdoor air from coming in and prevent air in your home from leaking out. These curtains have a sponge-like lining on their back that faces the window.

Less Heating and Cooling

If you have energy-efficient curtains, your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard. This results in lower energy bills as half of them are because of heating and cooling your home. The curtains can pay for themselves in lower energy bills.

Warm Weather

You should buy a curtain with a light color lining for warm weather. The color will reflect heat instead of absorbing it. You should keep your curtains closed during the day. The curtain can reduce solar heat in your home by up to 33%.

Cold Weather

You should open your energy-efficient curtains on sunny days, so you benefit from the sun heating your home. This takes the pressure off your heater. Close the curtains when the sun sets, so they can prevent heat transfer through windows. This can prevent up to 10% of heat loss.

Automate Your Windows

Your home may have windows that are hard to reach. This would probably discourage you from opening and closing their curtains. You can get remote-controlled energy-efficient curtains to deal with this problem.

Drafty Home

If your home is especially drafty, you may need to double up on preventing this. You can hang the energy-efficient curtains and then put another curtain behind them. The outer drape should be light, while the inside one should be dark. You can also buy fitted curtains to further prevent heat exchange.

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