Top Causes of AC Leaks

Leaky AC in Peoria, IL

The smell of mold and water puddling around the air conditioner are some warning signs of a leaky unit. Water leaking from your air conditioner indicates an underlying issue. Here are reasons why your AC unit may be leaking water.

Clogged Condensate Drain Line

Dust and dirt particles that pass through the condensate drain line can clog it. Over time, the buildup of dust and dirt mixes with the moisture from the AC unit and sticks to the inside of the drain line. The mixture prevents the condensation from draining to where it should. Consequently, the drain line backs up and overflows out of the air conditioner.

Low Refrigerant

When the refrigerant levels are low, it lowers the pressure inside of your air conditioner. Therefore, the evaporator coil freezes and creates a wet mess when it thaws. If you notice bubbling or hissing sounds, you may have an AC unit leak because of low refrigerant levels. Also, if the unit isn’t cooling your home properly, it may be time to check the refrigerant levels. An HVAC professional can detect the leak and fix it early before you pay for a new air conditioner.

Air Filter Needs Replacement

A dirty air filter prevents or blocks airflow, causing a frozen evaporator coil. It can also result in excess water production that causes air conditioner leaks. The leak can happen quickly or slowly and overfill the condensate pan. It’s advisable to change your air filters every month to prevent an AC leak and ensure proper airflow.

Damaged or Rusted Drain Pan

A rusted or damaged drain pan is among the common reasons for AC leaks. When the drain pan has rust or is damaged, several holes allow water to fall through, causing the air conditioner to leak. You can fix a crack on the drain pan using sealants. You may have to replace the drain pan if it has rust.

It’s best to resolve the issue early if your AC unit is leaking water. Our technicians are skilled in servicing all types of air conditioners. We also specialize in furnace repair, indoor air quality, and mini-splits. Contact Fritch Heating & Cooling, Inc. today for affordable and top-notch AC services in Peoria.