The Low Down on HVAC Dampers

HVAC Dampers in Peoria, IL

An HVAC damper is a movable plate found in the ductwork that controls airflow and redirects it to different parts of a building. Concerning their operation, HVAC dampers work like a valve in a dam. The dampers are installed near the end of distribution pipes and usually block air in the ducts. The dampers open to distribute heated or cooled air to different parts of your home to achieve optimal conditions based on your settings. They close to block air from entering certain parts. HVAC dampers can be operated manually or automatically and are mainly used in zoning systems. Read on to learn the different types of dampers.

Blade Dampers

Blade campers are made of thin metal plates to stop or control airflow inside HVAC systems. There are two types of blade dampers: parallel and opposed blade dumpers. The latter has blades moving parallel to each other, while the former’s blades move in the opposite direction.

Louver Dampers

Louver dampers consist of parallel blades for regulating airflow. They are compatible with any duct size. Many homeowners prefer them because of their high blocking ability.

Butterfly Flat Dish

Butter flat dish dumpers comprise a round blade, a central hinge, and a seal. The blades regulate the flow of air. The seal prevents debris and other materials from entering the duct.

Guillotine Dampers

Guillotine dampers are single-bladed plates used to cut off the airflow in an HVAC unit. They have a higher sealing ability than other dampers, making them ideal for isolating zones.

Inlet Vane Dampers

Inlet vane dampers are another type of HVAC damper. They use fan properties to work and are mostly used in systems that require volume control. These dampers are significant for ensuring better airflow in a building.

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