The Key Differences Between a Heat Pump and a Furnace

Heat Pump vs Furnace in Peoria, IL

If you live in Peoria, Illinois or surrounding areas, then you are aware of the importance of a properly functioning heating system during the winter. When it comes to heating your home, you have two popular choices: heat pumps and furnaces. Both of these items have a similar lifespan but operate very differently. The comparison below will help you decide which option best suits your needs.

How Heat Is Produced

In a gas furnace, heat is produced by burning fuel such as propane or natural gas. An electric furnace functions by blowing air across heated elements.

A heat pump operates by drawing heat from the outside air and transferring this heat into your home. The outside temperature is not a factor in whether a heat pump functions or not.

Furnaces Are Better in Colder Climates

Since heat pumps draw heat from the outside air, the colder the outside temperatures are the less efficient they become. Because a furnace generates heat, it is ideal for colder climates.

Furnaces Are Quieter

While both heat pumps and furnaces can make some noises, heat pumps are typically noisier. The noise usually comes from the air handler as the compressor cycles on and off. This can sometimes make you think that the system is malfunctioning. A properly working furnace is usually really quiet after start-up.

Heat Pumps Can Cool and Heat

A heat pump is designed to keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter. This saves you money from having to purchase a separate air conditioner. A furnace is designed to only produce heat.

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