How To Reset Air Conditioning Unit

Resetting AC in Peoria, IL

There are plenty of reasons you may want or need to reset your AC unit. For instance, in the event of a power outage, the unit may not completely shut down. That’s because AC units are built in with a protection circuit breaker that prevents fires or explosions. You may also need to reset your AC if the “Cool” setting isn’t producing any cold air. Regardless, here’s what you want to do.

Shut Off the AC Power Supply

Shut down the AC unit prior to resetting the thermostat. If you can’t find the shutoff button, refer to your owner’s manual. Switch the thermostat to the “OFF” position before you shut the AC unit down. Next, go to your circuit breaker box, which is typically located in your basement, crawlspace, or closet space. Pull on the lever or toggle that is connected to your AC unit in the “OFF” direction.

Wait a Minute

Set a timer for a full minute after you’ve disconnected the AC unit to the circuit breaker power supply. As a safety measure, you may also want to inform people in your home that you’ll be resetting the breaker. After a full minute, switch the circuit breaker back on, which will then automatically switch on the thermostat. You’ll then want to turn the thermostat setting to “Cool”, which automatically resets your thermostat.

Be Safe, Hire an Expert

Resetting an AC unit is often a simple and straightforward process. That said, if you notice that you frequently have to restart your AC in order for it to produce cool air, there might be a more serious underlying issue going on under the hood.

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