How to Prepare Your HVAC System for a Snowstorm

HVAC Snow Storm Preparation in Peoria, IL

It’s important to be prepared for winter weather, including snowstorms. By being proactive, you can keep your home safe and comfortable even when snow piles up outdoors.

Insulation and Weatherization

Make sure that your home is properly insulated and weatherized. By sealing air gaps and having enough insulation, your HVAC system will perform much more efficiently. This includes having your ducts sealed and insulated. Proper weatherization will help prevent drafts and cold rooms.

Regular Heater Maintenance

Have preventative maintenance performed on your heater every fall before winter strikes. The technician will clean it, lubricate moving parts and look for potential problems. A well-maintained heater is much more likely to get you comfortably through a snowstorm than one that has been neglected.

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Outside Vents

When snow and ice start piling up, make sure that your home’s outdoor vents are clear of obstructions. This goes for both your heater and water heater vents. This will help your HVAC system operate efficiently and safely.

Change Air Filters

You should change the filters in your HVAC system at least every few months throughout the winter. Buy a couple of filters so that you can swap a dirty one out during a snowstorm that makes driving unwise.

Heat Pump

If you have a heat pump, it may need your help during a snowstorm. While they’re made for outdoor conditions, you should still check that it’s clear. By keeping your heat pump clear, you keep it from becoming clogged. Clean snow off its top and sides, making sure that there’s space around it for proper drainage once things defrost.

At Fritch Heating & Cooling, Inc., we also provide maintenance for air conditioners. We also install and repair HVAC systems. We also service mini-splits, ductwork and provide indoor air quality solutions. Call today to find out how we can help keep your home comfortable.