How Poor Air Quality Impacts Infants

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A baby’s immune system is incredibly sensitive, which means that poor indoor air quality can harm his or her health. Therefore, if you are a new or expecting parent, it’s essential to take steps to make the air in your home as clean and healthy as possible.

Sources of Poor Indoor Air Quality

You don’t have to be messy to suffer from poor indoor air quality issues. If you have a pet, it will likely shed a lot of hair, fur, and dander into the air and onto various surfaces around your house. If you have flowers or other plants in the house, they may release pollen into the air. Finally, if anyone has smoked in your home recently, particles could circulate your home for days or weeks. Therefore, even if no one has smoked around your baby, it could still result in serious health issues down the road.

Health Issues Related to Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your baby may develop asthma symptoms or experience an allergic reaction to dust, pollen, or other particles. Furthermore, your baby may be more likely to get sick from germs in your home. Everyone in your home could be more likely to develop breathing or other health issues if exposed to poor indoor air quality for long periods.

The folks at Fritch Heating & Cooling, Inc. in Peoria can conduct an indoor air quality assessment to determine how to make your home safer for your young child. From there, our team may suggest a variety of fixes, such as cleaning ducts or replacing carpets with wood floors that are easier to clean.

If you need indoor air quality service, please call the team at Fritch Heating & Cooling, Inc. today! We can also help with furnace repair, air conditioner installation, and any ductwork issues that you need resolved promptly and affordably.