How Does A Ductless Mini-Split System Work?

Mini-split system

Mini-split systems are a way to heat and cool your home with no ductwork. They’re a great solution for home add-ons, renovations, and garages. They’re easy to install and give you a way to zone your home.

How Do Mini-Split Systems Work?

There are two main parts to these systems. There’s an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor air-handling unit. You can have up to four indoor units attached to an outdoor unit. The indoor units can be in a wall, ceiling recess or floor mounted. Each one is independently controlled.

Each indoor unit is attached to the outdoor unit through refrigerant tubing. It’s in the outdoor condenser unit where the refrigerant either collects heat to warm your home or releases heat to cool your home.

Can You Zone With This System?

Since each indoor unit is independently controlled, you can zone your home. This means you can choose the temperature for each room on its own. You don’t need to heat or cool rooms nobody is in.

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Can They Save You Money?

Mini-split systems save you from the expense of adding ductwork to your home when you remodel. Since your existing HVAC system is based on the square footage of your home, you don’t need to buy a bigger system if you add on to your home.

Since you can zone your home, ductless mini-split systems save you money on your energy bills. They’re also very energy efficient. For example, they’re 40% more efficient than a window air conditioning unit. They’re more efficient than duct systems because about 30% of conditioned air is lost in the ducts.

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