Dangers of Clogged Furnace Filters

Furnace Filter in Peoria, IL

Switching out your furnace filters regularly is a great way to protect your HVAC system from serious damage. A key function of these filters is to trap particulates. However, your filters also stop debris and lint from accumulating inside the HVAC cabinet. Here are a few of the ways a clogged filter can harm your furnace and even stop it from functioning.

Increases Energy Consumption

Your heating system requires a constant supply of air to be able to produce and distribute heat. When your HVAC filter is clogged, more debris can make its way into the system. Your furnace then has to work harder to produce the same amount of heat. Not enough airflow also increases how long your furnace has to run. This puts stress on the system, leading to higher energy bills and more frequent repairs.

Freezes Evaporator Coils

In a healthy system, internal condensation will dissipate as air moves over it. However, a clogged filter can cause this moisture to freeze on the evaporator coils. Once this ice starts to melt, it will drip down into the furnace, causing issues like mold or rust. If rust spreads to your heat exchanger, you may have to replace the entire system.

Overheats Furnace

A clogged filter could stop your furnace from functioning altogether. Without effective airflow, heat can build up inside the system. It can become so hot that certain wires and components start to melt. Many modern systems will shut down when the internal temperature reaches a certain level to minimize damage. After a sudden system shutdown, it’s best to call for maintenance instead of attempting to turn the system back on.

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