Critical Steps in the AC installation Process

AC Installation in Peoria, IL

For your system to be efficient in the hot, humid summer, it must start with a professional installation. Here are some of the essential steps of an air conditioner installation.

Thorough Assessment of the Interior

Before installation, technicians must consider the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure your new equipment is reliable. Including incompatible components can compromise the function of your system.

When analyzing your home, the installation team has to consider local code and safety regulations. For example, your unit will require a separate outlet. Otherwise, it may pose a fire hazard by drawing too much power from the electrical circuit.

They will also examine the area where the team will install the new unit. Certified professionals will check if there is adequate space and if electrical connections are possible from that location. Your technician will need those notes when replacing the aging equipment.

Choosing a Location for Your Outdoor Unit

The location of the outdoor unit is vital for the proper functioning of the air conditioner. The site must be an area free from external influences such as vibrations. To reduce noise irritation, your new equipment should be some distance away from bedrooms or other living spaces. However, most modern AC systems run quietly. If you notice sounds from the AC, consult your technicians for an assessment.

Arriving for Installation

On the day of the installation, the AC service technicians will arrive with all the tools and equipment necessary for the task. Some parts of the system can be risky to disassemble. The professional team will apply analysis from the initial visit to inform the installation procedure.

The Installation Procedure

Your AC installation team will remove the old equipment methodically and install the new system. Many components are fragile, and professionals must handle them with caution. Technicians will test the equipment to ensure it is working at optimal efficiency.

After the Installation

The installation team will provide insights on running your system and when to seek a repair service. They can guide you on how to change filters and troubleshoot problems with the cooling system.

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