AC Tune-up: What’s Included in an AC Service

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Air conditioners require regular maintenance, just like any other mechanical system in your home. During an AC tune-up, a technician will inspect and clean several key components of the system. Here are the basic components of an AC tune-up:

Cleaning the Evaporator and Condenser Coils

The condenser coils and evaporator coils are responsible for releasing or absorbing heat from the air in your home. If the coils get too dirty, they will become less efficient, and your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool your home.

Inspecting Electrical Connections

The electrical wiring and connections in your AC should be inspected and tightened to ensure they are not loose. This helps reduce the risk of a short circuit or other electrical problems leading to expensive repairs.

Checking Freon Levels

The technician will check the refrigerant levels in your unit. If the levels are low, Freon can be added to get your system back up and running at peak efficiency. In some cases, the Freon may need to be replaced. If there are any leaks in the line that carries the refrigerant, the technician will locate and repair the leak.

Testing Thermostat Accuracy

Your thermostat is responsible for controlling when your AC turns on and off. It can malfunction if it’s not calibrated correctly. During an AC tune-up, the technician will check and adjust your thermostat if necessary.

Cleaning and Replacing Filters

The filters in your air conditioner should be cleaned or replaced regularly to ensure they are not clogged. Clogged filters reduce the amount of airflow, which can lead to higher energy bills and uneven cooling in your home. If necessary, the technician will replace the filters during the AC tune-up.

These are the basic components of an AC tune-up. Proper maintenance will keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency, helping to reduce your energy bills and extend the life of your unit. If you’re in need of an AC tune-up, contact a qualified HVAC company like Fritch Heating & Cooling, Inc. for assistance. We can help you with AC installation and maintenance, furnace installation and maintenance, commercial HVAC services, ductwork, and mini splits. Contact Fritch Heating & Cooling, Inc. today to learn more!