3 Possible Reasons Your Furnace Is Making a Banging Noise

Noisy Furnace in Peoria, IL

When the Peoria, IL winter is in full force, it’s important that your furnace is running smoothly. After all, you’re probably relying heavily on the heating system to keep your household warm and comfortable. So, when the appliance starts behaving strangely, it’s always disconcerting. In some cases, a furnace that’s having mechanical problems will start making strange noises, which can indicate a variety of issues. One of the most common furnace sounds is a banging noise, and there are a few things that could potentially mean.

1. Dirty Burners

Over time, it’s relatively normal for your furnace’s burners to become dirty. If not addressed, though, that can start to cause problems. If enough dirt and debris are allowed to build up, it can result in the furnace making a loud banging noise when the burners attempt to ignite. Essentially, these noises are small explosions that are taking place inside the appliance. Ideally, you should have your furnace’s dirty burners cleaned by professionals as soon as possible to prevent more serious problems from occurring.

2. Fan Blockage

For your home’s furnace to push warm air around the household, it needs its fan to have a clear pathway and be working properly. If you haven’t had your heating system tuned up in a while, though, that fan can develop a blockage. That can prevent the appliance from effectively distributing air, and in some cases, it will result in a loud banging noise during operation. Usually, a fan blockage can be remedied with a simple maintenance visit from heating professionals.

3. Damaged Ductwork

You may also be hearing banging noises due to some sort of issue with your home’s air ducts. Your ductwork may be dealing with a leak, disconnected joints, or something loose, which can cause a loud banging, knocking, or rattling noise when your furnace is running. If you suspect that the problem lies with your ductwork, it’s always wise to schedule a professional air duct inspection to get to the bottom of the issue.

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