How To Light a Pilot Light on a Furnace

How To Light a Pilot Light on a FurnaceIs your furnace pilot light off? That can be a major problem. In this article, we want to help you with three quick and easy steps to relight your furnace pilot light so that you can attempt to get your heater running again.

1. Look Closely for the Furnace’s Instructions Label

The first thing to do is to examine the instructions label on your furnace if you can find it. Look all over the front and back of your unit. There should be instructions there to help guide you in the process of lighting your furnace pilot light. You also might try to Google the name and model number of your furnace, along with the word “instructions,” if you cannot find the label on the heater yourself. If all else fails, Fritch Heating & Cooling, Inc. in Peoria can help you. Just give us a call, and our team will answer any questions you may have.

2. Switch the Pilot Light Off

Near the very bottom of your furnace, you should see a button that says one of three things. It will either say “Pilot,” “Off,” or “On.” Find that button and turn it to the “Off” position, but that is not all you have to do. It is also very important to leave the button in the “Off” position for at least five minutes. The reason for this is so that you can let the existing gas dissipate. The reason why this is important is that you do not want to start a fire inadvertently.

3. Light the Pilot Light

After waiting at least five minutes, turn the knob that you located at the bottom of your furnace to “Pilot.” After you have done that, bring a lighter to the pilot opening and hold down the nearby “Reset” button with your finger as you light the pilot. After the pilot is lit, you can release the “Reset” button.

If you need help with this process or anything else related to your furnace, Fritch Heating & Cooling, Inc. in Peoria can help you. We offer a variety of services, including helping with environmental assessment, indoor air quality, replacement parts, planned maintenance, and everything related to heating or cooling. Contact Fritch Heating & Cooling, Inc. today!