How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

When you had your HVAC system installed, you were likely told to make sure you change the furnace filter on a regular basis. However, you may not be clear on just how frequently it should be changed. In the article below, we’ll give you some information about how often you should replace your air filter as well as why it is important to do so.

What Does an Air Filter Do?

Air filters are one of many important parts of a well-functioning HVAC system. As their name implies, they filter out particles like dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris. This means that the warm or cool air your HVAC system pushes out into your home will be cleaner and safer to breathe. All the members of your household will appreciate cleaner and safer air, especially those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

When Should I Replace My Air Filter?

If an HVAC filter isn’t replaced, it will become too full to properly do its job. The filter can only trap so many particles. Once it is full, more contaminants will be released into your air ducts and sent into the rooms in your home when your system blows warm or cool air.

To prevent this from happening, you should replace your filter every one to two months. There are a few exceptions to this with some of the newer and more efficient HVAC systems. However, unless you have specifically been told otherwise, aim to replace your filter at least every two months. If you notice that it is extremely full when you change it, you may want to consider replacing it once every month instead.

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