Are Mini-Split Units Good for Heating Purposes?

Are Mini-Split Units Good for Heating Purposes?As more homeowners and businesses search for energy-efficient heating solutions, mini-split systems are receiving increased attention. At Fritch Heating & Cooling, Inc., our Peoria-area customers often ask us whether mini-split systems can heat their homes as efficiently as a traditional HVAC system. Our answer is a resounding yes! Keep reading to learn more about how your home or business can utilize a mini-split system for effective, energy-efficient heating.

Mini-Split vs. Traditional HVAC Systems

Traditional HVAC systems utilize a furnace or heat pump to warm air. A fan circulates the warmed air throughout the space via a network of ducts. Unlike a traditional system, mini-split systems do not have ducts. They consist of a main outdoor unit and several indoor units placed throughout the home or commercial building. When temperatures drop, a ductless heat pump distributes warm air into the home and disperses the warmed air through refrigerant lines.

Advantages of Going Ductless

Mini-split heating systems are ENERGY STAR-compliant. Therefore, they are far more efficient than the current U.S. government-recommended energy efficiency guidelines. Because mini-split systems are ductless, they are not susceptible to the leaks that often occur in traditional systems due to damaged and separated ducts. Not only will these systems save you money on your heating bill, but they are also more environmentally friendly. Mini-split systems are also highly flexible. They can be installed in detached spaces like storage sheds and workshops. Mini-split systems also allow you to customize heating and cooling in virtually every area of your home or commercial building.

Top-Notch HVAC Technicians

At [company name], we pride ourselves on delivering individualized service to each commercial and residential customer in Peoria, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. Our A+ BBB rating reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction. In addition to mini-split system installation and maintenance, our service menu also includes heating repair, installation, and maintenance. We also offer indoor air quality improvement solutions. Call today to speak with one of our courteous staff members about your heating and cooling needs.